United Corporate Dictatorship - FAULTY SCREEN SONY VAIO PCG-7173L

Browning, Montana 0 comments

PCG-7173L has faulty screen.When "Display Off" is pressed, screen comes back for 3 seconds then dies again.

Sony sold us new screen chip($68.86), then recommended "Intel 4 Mobile Chip" update. Nothing! Even though the laptops are defective they will not recall the product. We have no warranty and must pay for "Repair", which is obviously not caused by our wear and tear.

See http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100629153035AAPbQZb.

Sony said they don't trust external websites, and since they claim they had no previous compaints about this, the problem is unique to our machine.Welcome to the United Corporate Dictatorship of America!

Review about: Sony Vaio Screen.

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